As a project staffing partner we have an ongoing obligation to support the client through the life cycle of project engagement and not just limited to providing resources. We understand that clients needs transparency, flexibility, and high level of responsiveness from the supplier when entrusted with overall project staffing responsibility.

Our approach comprises of structured processes and highly qualified personnel that provide dedicated support for the duration of the contract. We make approach highly effective by implementing xSM and xDM staffing models.

Extended Support Model (xSM)

xSM establishes a platform where client and 4Ci team members work in a true business partner model. A dedicated team of highly qualified professionals provides day to day support to both client and consultant. xSM is implemented onsite at the client location or within driving distance from client location.
xSM business processes are customized to complement project needs thereby establishing true customer centric support model.

Deployment Matrix (xDM)

We understand that staffing needs can vary during the project lifecycle. Ability to quickly ramp up, down is necessary to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained at all times.

We work with our clients to understand the size, scope, and business needs of the project and thereafter assign competent and experienced personnel to support the engagement.